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miDoor Firmware Images

7/1/2014 Version V02.XX released
Added support for a Central Server Proxy
(Allows a central server to proxy messages to miDoor). This makes it much easier to install and configure miDoor and does not require the opening of a router port.
Must have Version 3.0 or above of the iPhone App and/or Version 2.0 or above of the Android App.This version adds Support for Roku devices.Check the release notes for additional features such as NETBIOS and House Alarm shunt when opening door.
miDoor Firmware Image v02.03a
9/30/2013: Google recently changed their GMail servers. If you are using Google GMail in your EMail Settings the change requires that you update your miDoor firmware with v01.16a or above to continue to receive alarm notifications.
Firmware files include 2 sets of firmware miDoor_v01_xx.img for older hardware and miDoor_ID0101_v01_xx.img for newer hardware with the G radio.

Archived Releases

Version 1.19a Added temperature alarms: send alarm if temperature is too low or too high – Added ability to clear temperature calibration
– Fixed issue with temperature reporting
– improved accuracy and fix negative temperatures reporting.
Note: This update will require that the temperature setting be re-calibrated.
miDoor Firmware Image v01.19a
miDoor Firmware Image v01.18a
NOTE: Version 1.18a includes a new feature to automatically close garage doors.

miDoor Firmware Image v02.03a
miDoor Firmware image V02_01a
miDoor Firmware Image v01.16a
miDoor Firmware Image v01.15b
miDoor Firmware Image v01.14a
miDoor Firmware Image v01.13a
miDoor Firmware Image v01.11a
miDoor Firmware Image v01.10a
miDoor Firmware Image v01.09a
miDoor Firmware Image v01.06a
miDoor Firmware Image v01.05a
miDoor Firmware Image v01.03a
miDoor Firmware Image v01.02a

USB Drivers

Windows USB Driver
Mac (OS X) has native USB support for miDoor device.

Open Source Files

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