Introducing Mission Machines Z-60

The Most Versatile VoIP and Analog Phone System for Small Businesses
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When selling phone systems, you face the challenge of matching the right equipment to your customers' needs. While some clients are interested in cutting expenses with VoIP, others want to save money by keeping their old wiring. There are startups that need only 5 lines, and those bigger companies needing over 50 SIP Phones. That's why we designed the Mission Machines Z-60 to be the most versatile business phone system on the market.
The solution for companies that want
to keep their traditional phone lines as
well as those wanting to make the
switch to VoIP.
Ideal for small and mid-sized
businesses that need up to 55
phones (49 SIP and 6 analog).
Easy to Install
Preprogramming and free
troubleshooting make this system
easy to install and deploy anywhere.
The System Your
Customers Will Love
Even if you have never used this hybrid phone system before, deploying the Mission Machines Z-60 for the first time feels instantly familiar. From the get-go, it does what you expect from a high-end system and more. Whether your clients need WI-FI, voicemail to email, or the ability to add new phone lines easily, Mission Machines Z-60 addresses 95% of the average office's needs.
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The Bridge to a New Technology
Convincing your clients to adopt a new technology, even if it can save them money in the long run, can be difficult; especially if it involves expensive wiring replacement. But, what if they could keep their old wiring and continue working with their current phone company? The Mission Machines Z-60 allows your customers to transition to VoIP at their own pace, while making things easier for you: One product to fit the needs of many.
Real CO Line Appearance for
Your Clients

CO line appearance is one of the most useful features that traditional PBX systems offer, because it allows users to map a function key on a phone to an analog port. In other words, users can monitor and use a specific CO line in any of the phones where it has been mapped.

This allows everyone at the office to know which lines are busy, which ones have incoming calls, and which ones have calls on hold, so that anyone of the mapped users can pick up the call.

There are FEW IP based systems that can do this. And while most of them fail to create (or emulate) a Key system functionality, the Z-60 accomplishes this flawlessly and at a lower cost than Allworx and Avaya.

Rest assured, your customers will enjoy all the benefits of VoIP and use the Mission Machines Z-60 just like their old-fashioned Key type system.

All the Features Any Company
Will Need
  • Integrated router
  • 49 SIP telephones
  • 6 analog CO lines
  • Real CO Line Appearance
  • Key System Functionality (with the simplicity of VoIP)
  • 802.11 access point, firewall, SIP proxy and DHCP server
  • Full line of SIP telephones with advanced feature set
  • 6 ports
  • 32 hours of message storage
  • 100 mailboxes
  • SMTP forward voicemail to email
  • 12 SIP trunks
  • 1 FXS port for SLT or analog fax
  • Networks to 9 sites
  • 12 outbound lines
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The Most VERSATILE Phone System for Dealers and End-Users
With all the features enabled right out of the box, the Mission Machines Z-60 is
ideal for businesses needing anything from 1 to 50 phones. It can be deployed
ANYWHERE regardless of wiring and phone companies.
Beat Your Competitors to It!
This is a ground floor opportunity for you. Contact us today and learn more
about the benefits of selling this highly scalable phone system that addresses
all your customers needs.
Dealer NET Price: $499.80
Preprogrammed Systems
Allow for Faster Installation
Full Tech Support and
We Protect Our Dealers
by Strict Maps

"Mission Machines Z-60 is a powerful solution for companies looking for an
alternative to cloud-based phone systems or for companies looking for a solid value
from people who have been in the telecom business for many decades."

Rich Tehrani, Group Editor-in-Chief, TMC

All features are enabled out of
the box
Same features as Allworx but for a Much Lower Cost!
Unlike Vertical SBX, it includes Voicemail to Email
Larger Capacity than the XBLUE X-50
(23 VoIP lines vs. only 8)
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