miDoor™ is a revolutionary new Internet-enabled device that allows users to remotely view their garage door and/or gate status and open or close it with an iPhone®, Android device, iPad® or a Web-browser.

Connect miDoor to an existing garage door switch, add the door sensor and then set the basic configuration. From there you will be able to create multiple user-profiles, view the door status anywhere in the world* using your iPhone, iPad or a Web-browser and open or close the garage door using your iPhone, iPad or Web-browser**.

Alarms can be created that can notify you if the door is activated at unexpected times, is left opened too long, or if activated by a specific user. Alarms status is visible by LED, from an iPhone, iPad or Web-browser and/or by receiving email notifications.

No longer will you have to worry about who gets the two standard issued remotes from the garage door opener nor have to worry about trying to program the garage door openers in your car, miDoor will allow up to 36 unique user accounts to open or close the garage door using an Android device, iPhone, iPad or Web-browser.

Every time the garage door is opened or closed it is logged into an event buffer. View the log and get a history of the events with the times in which they occurred.


MiDoor Features

  • Internet enabled
  • Uses WiFi to connect to your network, no network cables required
  • Users can be given assigned time limits
  • Email notifications
  • Multiple types of alarms
  • Mobile Apps are available
  • Large event log (1MB+)
  • Works with gates
  • Self-contained, no third-party servers required